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Queens New York Local Landlord Tenant Lawyer

We are a New York landlord tenant evictions law firm. Whether you need to get out of your lease, evict a tenant that hasn't paid, or recover money for damages, with Gordon Legal you can get help from an experienced New York landlord tenant lawyer.

We help our clients resolve landlord tenant disputes, by negotiating settlements, reaching agreements using alternate dispute resolution methods, litigating complex legal issues in court, or advocating and arguing on behalf do clients at trial. Gordon Legal, P.C. can help resolve your landlord tenant dispute.

The bottom line is very simple – Call Gordon Legal to get help from an experienced New York landlord tenant attorney that has the day-to-day experience winning landlord tenant cases in New York's highly contentions and combative housing courts. 

Contact Us today to take the first step in securing the services of one of New York's most successful landlord-tenant lawyers.


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At Gordon Legal, PC, we focus on commercial and residential landlord-tenant law and we are here to listen to you and help you navigate the legal system.

Practice Areas

Non-Payment Summary Proceedings

Holdover Summary Proceedings

Illegal Dwellings and Lockout Hearings

Hearings, Litigation, and Trial Advocacy

Judgements, Warrants, and Evictions


Gordon Legal, PC is committed to answering your questions about landlord-tenant law issues in the New York metropolitan region.

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