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Facing Eviction?

Your landlord probably has an attorney. 

You should too.

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Better Outcomes

Tenants represented by an attorney

are significantly more likely to avoid eviction

and more likely to obtain better outcomes.

Know Your Rights

Landlords must follow strict rules when

bringing an eviction case. Filing a legal

document too early or not providing

required documents could be enough

to dismiss a case. Even if landlords do

everything right, New York laws and

regulations provide tenants with

additional rights, protections and

eviction restrictions.

Know Your Defenses

Tenants have strong defenses during a housing

court eviction case.  Laws protect tenants from

retaliation, provide rent abatement for unsafe

conditions, and prevent landlords from

terminating leases prematurely. Having a

tenant attorney helps you raise important

defenses available to you.


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