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What is a warrant to obtain an eviciton?

What is a warrant to obtain an eviction?

Once a judgment is obtained. A warrant requisition is the paperwork submitted by a city marshal or sheriff to the court in order to legally evict an individual. Prior to the Covid-19 Pandemic; it normally took about three to six weeks to obtain the issuance of a  warrant, depending on the court and specific circumstances of the case.

The issuance of a warrant of eviction authorizes a sheriff or city marshal to perform an eviction. 

An eviction is the removal of a tenant and his or her personal belongings from an apartment. The city marshal sees that any entrance locks on the premises to which the tenant may have access are changed.

Before a landlord can evict a tenant, a city marshal must serve a marshal's notice, also called a notice of eviction. A notice of eviction is a written notice from a city marshal or sheriff warning a tenant that the tenant has move out.

Before executing the warrant of eviction a city marshal must give notice in writing to the persons to be evicted. After providing notice, scheduling the eviction, and confirming the eviction with the landlord; a city marshal may perform an eviction or obtain legal possession between on a business day, Monday through Friday, except on legal holidays. The purpose of the Notice of Eviction is to make sure that the respondent has adequate advanced warning of an eviction. If the notice becomes stale after delivery, it can no longer be used and there must be a re-service of the Notice of Eviction.


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